How to become a Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator ?

Walter Lee
3 min readFeb 28, 2021

I got a lot of questions after I passed my exam in 01/2021. So, like to write it up and share to help the readers more.

You need to pass below cert. exams in order: (

1/ SPLK-1001: Splunk Core Certified User
2/ SPLK-1002: Splunk Core Certified Power User
3/ SPLK-1003: Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

The official track/doc is at

You can see the study guides, sample questions, how to register for exams, etc.

To study for these exams, you can try below:

1/ Splunk Fundamentals 1 (eLearning) -(Free)

There is a free pdf and videos. Make sure you remember the important highlights in this pdf. Often you will see questions to test your knowledge highlighted in this pdf. Some questions are pretty straight forward, but a few can be more tricky to test you really understand the concepts.

Sample q:



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